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for future needs of those with catastrophic injuries and chronic healthcare needs through education, experience, research, and relationships.


Evaluate individuals with disabilities or chronic health conditions


Review and document medical records

Create critical medical timelines

Perform detailed in-home assessments

Develop an integrated, timely life care plan


Address all current and future needs and costs

Serve as an expert witness in court


Proud to work with:

Law Firms- defense and plaintiff


Legal Assistants

Legal Nurse Consultants

Certified Public Accountants

Other Therapists

Other Certified Life Care Planners 



Over the past 18 years, Amy Stone has practiced as an occupational therapist in the long term care, acute inpatient rehabilitation, and outpatient therapy environments. Her role has always been an ongoing assessment of what life was like prior to a client’s injury or illness, what life currently looks like, and what we can do to increase the quality of life in the future.

After years of realizing a noticeable gap between needs and actual resources obtained, Amy decided to become a life care planner.  Educating the client, family, and those representing the client while also preparing them for the costs that lie ahead was a natural next career step.


“The melding of goals that improve  patient quality of life and the medical costs associated with those goals is key in planning for the future.”- Amy Stone, 


The experience in activities of daily living helps me tremendously in identifying the current and future needs of a client. In the acute setting, I see the medical diagnosis and all of the acute complications that can occur. In the outpatient setting, I am able to see the post-acute phase and assess how this “new normal” is affecting the client as well as the entire family/work/community. 

The team at STONE Life Care Planning is ready to help individuals and their legal team with all their life care plan needs.

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